International Women's Day

I spent International Women's Day running a program that empowers young women to get involved in Maryland politics and fosters mentorship between them and women lawmakers throughout the state. Shadow Day, an annual tradition for the Young Democrats of Maryland Women's Caucus (for which I'm Chair), gives young women the opportunity to learn about how our state legislature works and shadow a legislator for the day.


MetroNow Day of Action

Today is the MetroNow Day of Action! I support dedicated funding for the Metro and improving our region's public transit.

"WMATA is the third busiest transit system in the country and the only major system without a dedicated funding source. If Maryland, Virginia, and DC don't come to a decision on funding, the system will continue to deteriorate, and we'll see more of the breakdowns and service cuts that are largely responsible for declining ridership."


I testified at the Maryland House of Delegates (again)

I recently testified at the Maryland House of Delegates in support of raising the minimum wage. No one should work full-time and have to rely on public assistance; a system that allows this is one that essentially subsidizes employers who pay low wages. Raising the minimum wage would allow more low-income workers to purchase more–it would boost the local economy, not hurt it. Raising the minimum wage would also particularly benefit working mothers. We must prevent wages from stagnating by raising the minimum and indexing it to inflation.


MarchForOurLives poster making party

Yesterday, our campaign held a poster-making party in preparation for the MarchForOurLives rally for gun control next weekend. I had a great time getting creative with the community and making posters for the big rally, inspired by young people speaking out against the NRA and politicians unwilling to take a stand. Thank you to the Positive Energy Art Studio in Gaithersburg for hosting - citizen activism for the win!


Campaign finance reform

A Douglas High School survivor asked Marco Rubio if he'd stop taking money from the NRA. Rubio couldn't say no!

The presence of big money in our political system is what allows the NRA to pump millions of dollars into campaigns so that, when elected, congressmen do nothing in the wake of tragic mass shootings. Other special interests do the same.

We need to get big money out of politics once and for all. Thank you, MoCo Voters, for featuring me in a PSA!


3 facts about voting – let's make it easier

1. The United States is one of the only democracies requiring its people to register to vote, and our voter turnout rates are weak.
2. Some states are trying to make voting more difficult, which is consistent with our country’s painful legacy of disenfranchisement.
3. Other states, however, have passed Election Day registration and/or “automatic” voter registration, where government agencies with your information will register you. States that have done this have higher voter turnout rates. Maryland is not one of them.

I recently went to Annapolis with Common Cause and Indivisible Baltimore to try to change this. Go to to find out who your delegates are and voice your support.


Happy Lunar New Year!

I enjoyed speaking with members of the community at today’s City of Rockville Lunar New Year Celebration! The celebration at Richard Montgomery High School included musical and dance performances and other fun showcases of Asian culture. My campaign had a booth so that we could share information and support the event. Happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate!



As an advocate for women, I know that #TimesUp and it starts with education.

This year, I provided written testimony in support of HB30, a bill that would expand the definition of abuse to include harassment and malicious destruction of property, as well as encourage age-appropriate lessons on domestic violence.

Last year, I provided oral testimony in support of HB1560, a bill that called for incorporating age-appropriate consent education in schools’ family life and human sexuality curricula.

Next year, I hope to support bills like these that will help change our culture of domestic abuse and sexual harassment and assault as a delegate in the Maryland House of Delegates.


No Potomac Pipeline

Today I participated in a rally on Lawyers Mall in front of the Maryland State House in opposition of a potential pipeline under the Potomac River. We then encircled the Governor's Mansion. Our state has already banned fracking, so we must continue this commitment and protect our water sources. Water is life!


Showing my love for animals on Valentine's Day!

Today I attended the Humane Society’s advocacy day training. Participants heard from Humane Society leadership on bills that further the protection of animals in our state. It's shocking that some of these bills are even necessary and aren't yet law - for example, bills related to sexual conduct with animals. I support animal welfare efforts, including the bipartisan beagle bill, and enjoyed meeting the dogs in attendance!


I testified at the Maryland House of Delegates

Yesterday, I testified in support of paid sick leave and against a bill that would delay its implementation. Paid sick leave is good for workers, especially low-income and women workers, and it’s good for business.


100% Clean Energy Now

This time last year, we pushed hard for environmental progress—resulting in the Clean Energy Jobs Act and the fracking ban! I am proud to have played a small part in that victory by lobbying in Annapolis, canvassing in Montgomery and Prince George's Counties, and phone-banking folks from Southern Maryland/Charles County–every action matters!

Now, let’s support a new bill introduced today that would source 100% of our electricity from renewable energy like solar and wind by 2035. This bill would require utilities companies to buy renewable energy in their power purchase agreements and cap our energy bills at 6% of household income.

Since announcing my candidacy recently, I have spoken with environmental organizers about this issue and other sustainability issues. I look forward to advocating for a greener world this session in Annapolis as an activist and hope to continue next year as a delegate!


Why fight for $15?

It's a fight for more than just a living wage and a union for the millions of Americans who work for under $15 an hour. It's a movement for better benefits, just hours, paid family/sick leave, and democracy in the workplace. It's a movement that's inextricably linked to our flawed and unaffordable healthcare and education systems. It's a movement with a past and a present tied to civil rights (from MLK to BLM), women's rights (wage gap, unpaid maternity leave), immigrant rights (IRCA), disability rights (low employment and legal subminimum wages), LGBT rights (ENDA), and more. It's the things we buy (made with blood and tears in sweatshops) and the food we eat (picked in the fields/prepared in restaurants using immigrant labor). It's today and everyday. And it's 150 days until Election Day, when we'll take the fight to the ballot box.


Remove firearms from convicted domestic abusers

54% of mass shootings between 2009 and 2016 involved domestic violence, and in an average month, 50 women are shot and killed by an intimate partner.

In Maryland, we have a loophole in our gun control laws: no mechanism exists that requires convicted domestic abusers to relinquish the firearms they already own. Today, I participated in Everytown for Gun Safety/Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America's lobby day in Annapolis, advocating for a bill that would close that loophole. #MDGA18 #ExpectUs

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